Take the guesswork out of finding a Nurse.

Manage your staffing needs with just one click.

Revolutionizing the South African healthcare staffing industry

Nurses On Line (NOL) by NOC is a mobile-first platform that reinvents the manual process of booking staff. NOL automatically matches a certified nurse to your specific needs.

With real-time clocking data at your disposal, The NOL app provides transparency enabling hospital management to see and analyze clocking data online and in real-time. This eliminates ghost employees and allows analysis for staffing predictions.

Stay Informed

Nurses are now notified about shift work and requests; online, via SMS, WhatsApp or a phone call. Enabling nurses to respond to these requests immediately, or when they are available to respond.

When a shortage is foreseen, the NOL app offers the Unit manager and nurses a highly efficient and transparent scheduling tool.

Alerts and performance assessments whether clinical, disciplinary, attendance or attitude are listed online.

No additional staff resources are required to track work hours, expenditure, or bookings. All statistics related to bookings are available online.

The Solution

Transparency using data: Staffing data is online and real time for analysis by Unit, Hospital, Regional and National managers. Accurate projections of staff usage are now possible.

Quality: NOL’s advanced matching algorithm ensures that you get the nurse you need.

Benefits of the system

Nurses are now able to manage their confirmations, bookings, and cancellations online, and schedule themselves directly, reducing response time and booking discrepancies Nurses can be booked for shifts up to a month in advance, providing a more steady income and working schedule.

Less time can be spent by Unit Managers scheduling canceling and with schedule follow ups. More time is spent clinically.

Hospitals now have the correct data enabling them to monitor staff usage.


Stay Informed

Check the number of bookings made by staff members, cancellations and view staff availability status with just a click.

Control Finances

Intelligent data-driven financial analytics real-time information about staffing, other expenses and much more!

Rostering redefined

Use our intelligent rostering solution to plan shifts and book slots accordingly, reducing errors and omissions.

Ghost Employees

We have eliminated the possibility of booking double shifts, ghost employees or fake credentials, to ensure patient quality

Efficiency Reimagined

Instant, future proof and fail-safe nurse availability checks coupled with automated confirmation calls ensure peace of mind.

Transparency Guaranteed

Minimize clock-in fraud. With seamless communication to all stakeholders and intelligent fraud detection, your legalities are always covered.

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