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Nurses On Call is one of the largest Nursing Agencies in South Africa. We are involved in the placement of Nurses in Public and Private Hospitals and we are committed to providing a level of service excellence that sets a new standard within the South African Health Care.

Our Values


One of the most important values of nursing is to respect the dignity of their patients. This means treating patients with kindness and thoughtfulness as you provide care, and remembering to consider their emotions about the situation as you talk with them, care for them and educate them about their health. Valuing human dignity also means acknowledging the rights of each patient to choose healthcare services and maintain privacy, which is two other important nursing values. Our Nurses care for people and know our primary role is to understand and support them. We take on their perspective, recognise their challenges and look for every compassionate way to improve the outcomes.



People entrust their lives and livelihoods to our nurses every day. We respect that by acting fairly, honestly and reliably. We strive for equality, build relationships on transparency and commit ourselves to delivering on every promise. We stand up for our beliefs and live up to our own high character standards. We do what is right, morally and ethically.



To be the catalyst for successful medical staff resourcing in national markets: bringing together medical staff and healthcare providers with maximum efficiency and safety for the provision of care to patients. We strive to be the medical staffing agency of choice for all major healthcare providers and for temporary medical personnel, based on the recognition of our delivery of premier service.



Honesty, Dignity, Accountability, Reliability, Transparency, and Professionalism.

About Us

By combining the skills and experience of seasoned Business Professionals and Highly Qualified Nurses, we are able to implement “Best Practice” solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients and nurses.

We also process overtime for full time employees at hospitals, which reduces both payroll and administration costs whilst providing a reduced tax liability for employees.

Until March 2000 Nurses On Call contracted mainly with private sector hospitals, however, since 2002 we have successfully expanded to the public sectors. We are also an accredited BEE Level 1 provider.


Fully Qualified Nurses

Our healthcare professional database comprises of fully qualified nurses that are equipped to work in various fields including ICU, NICU and THEATRE.


On Call 24/7

For Hospitals and Clinics our services take the shape of a Nationwide, 24-hour per day, 365 days per year call centre, waiting to take your call.


Professional & Friendly Staff

Our greatest asset is the people with whom we work. We have created an invaluable database of nurses, hospitals, clinics and consultants that are all in the business of improving the National Health Care system.


Nation-wide Coverage

Our extensive and unique Health Care Database spans across the country.


Operational Management

Process invoices, extensive budget reports for each ward and unit at each hospital, PAYE and more with our system.


Comprehensive Reporting

Our 1 hour CALL BACK Reporting system which provides a call back within the hour from the time you register your request with our national call centre to the moment we satisfy your enquiry.

Training and Facilitation

Stay Informed

On-site Orientation & Facilitation

Control Finances


Rostering redefined

Ventilator Training

Intelligent Appointments

Clinical Performance Evaluation & Training

Efficiency Reimagined

BLS Training

Transparency Guaranteed

Professional Development Program (PDP)

Meet Our Team

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Sales & Marketing Manager

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Finance Manager

Mark Davis


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